Children's MMA Classes in Loughton

Our children's MMA classes teach children aged 10 - 15 years all the skills, techniques and fitness of MMA but without the contact. 


All MMA sessions are closely monitored and your childs safety is our primary concern. Control and repsect for your partner is emphasised at all times. 


There is no head contact during our kids MMA classes and we dont teach kids dangerous locks and holds.


MMA training also helps kids develop discipline and respect. They learn how to control thier emotions and co-operate with other children. 


Plus its great FUN so kids love it.


Childrens MMA Class Timetable


We have a KIDS MMA class, for ages 10-15, every Friday from 5PM.


Book your childs FREE TRIAL MMA CLASS


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Masters Academy of Martial Arts

Unit C2, Seedbed Centre,

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