We specialise in teaching everyday people the exciting techniques of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).


MMA is one of the best all round workouts you can do, as it involves striking, wrestling and ground work. MMA classes will get you fitter, stronger and more flexible.


Every MMA class involves:


  • Kickboxing training on pads and bags 

  • Wrestling drills to learn takedowns and defense

  • BJJ & Submission grappling techniques on the ground


You will be taught by two former MMA champions and current MMA fighters who will look after you and show you all the skills you need.


No one is expected to compete (unless you want to) as most of our students just train in MMA for fun and fitness.

You will be looked after at all times as your safety is our primary concern and the atmosphere is kept relaxed and friendly.


We run a 4 week beginners MMA course every Friday at 6.30pm. In addition we have two mixed level classes held on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8pm. Click the link below to book your space!